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With sixteen departments and over 1300 students, the five buildings of the NAAC accredited St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College surround a sizeable field in Amherst Street. Much of the city’s heritage is captured in the college campus, the oldest building being over a hundred years old. While the departments and facilities have advanced with time, incorporating necessary changes in teaching procedure, the quaint old-world charm of the college remains within its walls. The students and staff of the college strive to keep intact the ideology and traditions with which the institute was founded. Additionally, the spirit of the college is drawn from a diversity of life and culture which combines both the old and the new. In totality St. Paul’s College today offers a proper ambience to the students of all religions and creed for full-fledged development of their potentialities.

This website acts a guide, providing insight into all the departments, facilities, ongoing and upcoming activities in the campus and administrative services of the college.




The College Chapel situated within the College campus is the centre of religious life of the College. Prayers and worship services are held once a week. Christian students are obliged to take an active part in the Christian religious acitivities of the College under the guidance of the college administration. Interested non-Christian students are welcome to join this students’ religious body. There is also provision of a Bible class in the College time table. Christian students are specially encouraged to attend it.

While liberty of conscience in the matter of personal devotion is given, no acts of individual or corporate or ceremonial worship, which are contrary to Christian Principles and to the aims and objects of the founders of this College, are allowed within the campus.

Outdoor & Indoor games are normally not permitted on Sundays (Sabbath day) within the College campus.


The College encourages various cultural activities as it believes that variety is the mother of enjoyment. Intra-college and inter-college quiz, debate, drama and music competitions are held under the guidance of the dedicated staff of the college. Talents are nurtured through these cultural competitions.